This category contains training materials for the one-week Training Course for Moodle Teachers in Liberia conducted from 20 - 24 August 2012 by ComputerAid International (of the United Kingdom) and the Stella Maris Polytechnic in Monrovia.

The materials are freely available to anyone who would like to learn Moodle and use it to teach their courses. It is very easy learn and can be used for self-study. Start with the main course: Moodle Training Liberia. If you have questions while studying, please feel free to pose them to Dorbor whose phone number is given in the front page of this website. You may call him and request for his email and then pose questions to him over email.

After "getting your feet wet" from this course you may want to host your course on this website, in which case you should simply call Dorbor and he will ensure that your site is setup and ready to go.

Do have fun!!!

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