Course categories

Moodle Teacher Training 
African Methodist Episcopal University 
AME Zion University College 
Inter-Digital Computer School 
Liberian Institute of Certified Public Accountants 
 Financial Management StrategySummary
 Advance Tax Planning and Fiscal PolicySummary

 Quantitative Analysis (March 2013)
Starz College of Technology 
Stella Maris Polytechnic 

 Quantitative Methods in Management (Sem II - 2013/2014)Summary
 Precalculus for Business MajorsSummary
 Quantitative Methods in Management (Sem I - 2013/2014)Summary
 Quantitative Methods in Management (Sem II - 2012/2013)Summary
 Quantitative Methods in Management (Sem I - 2012/2013)Summary
 Telecommunications I (Sem 1 - 2012/2013)Summary
 Quantitative Methods in Management (Sem II - 2011/2012)Summary

Moodle Training 
 Grade 6 GrammarSummary
 Business Law Summary
United Methodist University 
University of Liberia 

Graduate School of Business 
 Operations Research (Sem I - 2012/2013)Summary
 Operations Research (Sem II - 2011/2012)Summary
 Operations Research (Sem I - 2011/2012)Summary
 Operations Research (Sem II - 2010/2011)Summary
 Operations Research (Sem II - 2013/2014)Summary

 Human Resource ManagementSummary
 Public AdministrationSummary

School of Pharmacy 
 Medicinal & Pharmceutical Chemistry