Financial Management Strategy


The principal objective is to improve the business manager's ability to handle with professionalism the various financial problems confronting businesses of all sizes. Basic financial concepts and strategies that maximise the value of the firm. At the end of the course, candidates should be able to:

describe the financial environment within which an organisation functions;

assess and evaluate the plans, actions and financial position of clients

investigate relevant sources of finance and advice to client on company valuations, mergers, and acquisitions

perform calculations and provide related advice to clients on corporate restructuring situations

advise on the forms of corporate insolvency and complete and use the statement of affairs

describe the major capital market models and provide basic advice on stock exchange model and the role of the accountant

discuss the corpprate debt market and instruments and the principal of loan documentation

perform basis calculations and discuss the use of derivatives in long term risk management

dicuss the impact of government economic action on financial situations

apply a code of ethics within a professional framework